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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gradient of the slope that the unit can take at any one time?

It depends on the unit and varies from model to model. In short the summary is as follows;

  • Scooters - 12 to 15 degrees
  • Wheelchairs - 10 degrees
  • E-Moped - no limit
  • Bicycle - no limit

How economical is this product in terms of kilometreage?

Under normal conditions, for RM 1 of petrol price can go for a distance of 25 km.

Under what temperature can the battery be used?

The LiFePO4 battery can operate within this temperature range of -45 degrees C and 75 degree C.

How do we secure this product when we go somewhere?

This product has an individual key system which is attached with the LiFePO4 battery component. This means that the product is switched on together with the LiFePO4 battery. Therefore whenever we go anywhere, we can disconnect the battery from the unit for safe keeping.

Benefits of using this Ezzyrider products?
  1. This unit has a self-controlled system with digital closed control, benefits.
  2. The unit is more stable when in speeding motion will not deter any downhill deceleration and will not heat up.
  3. The unit is also anti-explosion and designed to ensure safe operation.
  4. The unit will prevent any shaking when the unit moves at a high speed.
  5. The transmission system is an airtight gearbox (patent) of gears that is have been forged with heat treatment by nitrogen. It is of high efficiency and durability with reduced maintenance.
  6. The product is of ergonomic designed-body and is very comfortable.
  7. The product uses top automotive grade Pearl anti-ultraviolet paint on it s body.

What is the charging requirements?

The factory has already 50% charged the battery so you will only need an overnight 6 hours charge for the first time. The next time need only a 25 minute charge.

Do you need any helmet for the Sunrise e-moped or ES16?

It is recommended to use at least a bicycle helmet for as long as you are using the model.

How long will the full charge last?

It is all dependent on the distance travelled by the individual unit.

Should I keep spare batteries?

LI FePO4 batteries can last up to 5,000 charges which is equivalent to 13 years. Sealed lead acid (SLA) is like your normal car battery and dependent on the distance and time travelled.

Can we add or modify the scooter or wheelchair models?

Any additions or modifications to the models without any valid accessories used will nullify all warranties to the models.

Can we switch batteries i.e. LiFePO4 to Sealed lead acid and vice versa?

It is not allowed as the gauge indicator settings is custom made to the selected batteries used when first ordered.

Can we use on the public road?

All the units are for private roads and within the residential or commercial neighbourhood roads.

What kind of tyres are we using?

All the scooters and wheelchairs are using the dead tyres while the e-moped and bicycles uses the tubeless tyres.

How do we stop the wheelchairs and the scooters?

You only need to release your hands or fingers from the control handle and you will have the model units stopped, immediately.

If the battery really dries up, will the model render immobile?

Yes, except that it is changed to a free gear mode then it can be moved with human assistance.

Do you need a licence or road tax when using the Sunrise e-moped (ES16)?

The JPJ (Road Transport Department) has clarified that this is a pedalled vehicle or bicycle so it need not be applied. You are allowed to ride on the residential roads or private areas. It cannot be ridden on the highways.

How to purchase through installment via ATM or Debit card?
Step 1: Please choose the said model and unit from the Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd catalogue;
Step 2: Please ensure the agreed purchase price from Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd;
Step 3: Please go to their designated bank to which their ATM or debit is held;
Step 4: Fill in the Standing Instruction form of the designated Bank as this will verify that you will have enough cash in hand to repay the said value of purchase for a maximum of 12 months;
Step 5: Ensure that the bank signed on the designated places and verify accordingly;
Step 6: Please make a copy of the said form after this;
Step 7: Please hand it over to Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd as soon as possible so that the necessary delivery arrangement can be made;
Step 8: Await delivery after the Invoice and Delivery Order have been prepared.



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