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The Taiwanese based PHET® is maximizing its efforts to manufacture C-LiFePO4 based Li-iron batteries. Up to today PHET® is the only mass battery manufacturer producing consistent C-LiFePO4 batteries using automatic production processes including microprocessor-sorting to apply the active C-LiFePO4 cathode material Lifepower from Phostech Lithium Inc., the only source licensed through Hydro-Quebec, Quebec University and the University of Texas (Dr. Goodenough's™ patent). PHET® designs and manufactures EU RoHS compliant battery products according to customer needs/specifications and is capable of delivering cells or complete battery packs for all purposes.

Based on the application with years of experience in C-LiFePO4 battery manufacturing, PHET® offers a revolutionary method of constructing the battery pack and manufacturing the prismatic battery cell. This proven pat. prismatic cell (with safety design) has a fault-tolerant feature that automatically isolates cell level events such as internal short circuiting, over-charging, or any other reason that causes a cell level malfunction and preserve pack level integrity without user intervention for mission-critical applications. The fault-tolerant feature also prevents premature power system shut-down and will enable continuous power supply allowing the whole system to be on-line for years of continuous service. The pat. prismatic cell features user replaceable cells for easy and low-cost maintenance. PHET® also supplies chargers and BMS (Battery Management System) up to 300 cells in series or VBB (Voltage Balance Board) for special applications up to 20 cells in series.

If there are any legal infringements caused by using the world patented C-LiFePO4 powder for PHET® batteries, then PHET® will assume the defense of the claim on behalf of your company or the user.



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