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SPORT 3 [SFB-18]

The SPORT 3 Advanced Power Technologies (APT™) Folding Bike paves the way to a healthier lifestyle. As you pedal power is supplied to the internal hub motor providing seamless power assist when you need it most. Our electric bicycles and e-mopeds are
JPJ Road Transport Department and also Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) compliant
i.e. within the 25 km per hour speed, pedal assist and having motor power of 0.25kW or 250Watts.
For details please read attachments.

  • Folds easily for transportation
  • Dual Mode: power assist mode and eBike mode
  • Power Assist Mode: actuated by pedaling naturally for building strength and stamina
  • eBike Mode: Go Button feature turns the power assist bike into an eBike where no pedal action is required.
  • Envirofriendly™ C-LiFePO4 battery pack lasts 1,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Portable Envirofriendly™ battery pack weighs only 3 lbs. with built-in Natural-Sun LED Flashlight
  • Compact, powerful and efficient hub motor design offers a smooth ride
  • Maintenance free chain
  • World patented Advanced Power Technologies APT ™ actuator provides a powerful and smooth rider under all speed condition
  • 10 stage user programmable controller allows you to determine the level of assist desired.
  • Shimano Inter 3 Nexus rear hub with 3 speeds for conquering hills
  • Suspension saddle provides additional cushion
  • Anti Shock Battery Pack Carrying Bag included
  • Keyed battery pack lock

RM 4,350.00

  * Price inclusive of GST

Click here to view how to fold the Sport 3 bicycle.




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