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Safety Advice

Please use your Wheelchair to enhance your active lifestyle. With increased mobility, please observe a few rules to ensure safe operation of your Wheelchair. So please…
  1. Do not carry passengers.
  2. Do not exceed inclines over 8 degrees (14% grade).
  3. Do not turn on steep inclines.
  4. Do not turn suddenly at high speeds.
  5. Do not get on or off the scooter unless the brake is on and the scooter is switched off.
  6. Do not switch off the scooter while the scooter is moving.
  7. Do not drive the scooter where you can not safely or legally walk.
  8. Do not attempt to drive over curbs greater than 2 inches (5cm.) in height. Doing so could cause your scooter to turn over, causing injury or damage to the scooter. For curbs less than 2 inches, always approach them at an angle of 90 degrees and at a low speed.
  9. Do not drink or use a mobile phone when driving your scooter.
  10. Do not exceed the suggested user weight limit. Doing so, could cause personal injury and invalidate the warranty.
  11. Always keep your feet on the scooter when moving.
  12. Consult your doctor if there is any doubt about your ability to use a scooter safely.
  13. Always slow down and proceed carefully when traveling over rough or uneven ground.
  14. For individuals with balance problems, practice getting on the scooter with the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional.
  15. If equipped, DO NOT operate the scooter without anti-tip wheels installed.
  16. Do not use an escalator to move a scooter between floors. Serious injury could occur.
  17. Do not drive the scooter on an incline that has oil, water or ice film on it.
  18. Do not try to lift the scooter by its seat, tiller, rear chassis cover, or any removable parts. Any of these could cause injury to the user or damage to the scooter.
  19. Do not use parts or accessories that are not authorized by Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd.
  20. Before sitting in or exiting the scooter, REMOVE the key from the ignition. This will insure the POWER is off and the scooter can not move under its own power.
  21. As a general precaution, always remove the key from the ignition while the scooter is not in use. This will prevent use by untrained and unauthorized persons.
  22. Do not connect any medical device to the scooter battery. This could cause failure of the device, the scooter and personal injury.
  23. Make sure the tiller is properly adjusted to the user or damage and injury could result.
  24. Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd doesn't recommend that scooter users be transported in a vehicle WHILE they are in the scooter…and will not be responsible for any injury or damage that might result.
  25. Do not use the scooter in the rain, near a shower or in a damp bathroom. Direct exposure to rain or dampness could cause the scooter to electrically malfunction and prematurely rust.


Getting Started

  1. Select a level area with plenty of space.
  2. Mount the scooter, either by lifting the arm and sliding on to the seat or rotate the seat outwards and then rotate the seat back to face the tiller.
  3. Adjust the tiller and seat as described previously.

Starting Scooter Movement

  1. Ensure that you are seated in a comfortable position.
  2. Turn the key to the ON position.
  3. Your speed setting should be on 1 or 2.
  4. Pull your right hand finger lever, the scooter will move forward slowly. The harder you pull the faster the scooter goes but will only reach the speed level that has been selected.
  5. Release the lever and the scooter will slowly come to a stop and the magnetic brake will be applied.


Steering the scooter is light and easy. Ensure when starting off you give a wide clearance when turning so that the rear wheels clear any obstacle that you are passing. When steering through limited spaces such as a doorway or when turning around, turn the tiller handles where you want to go and apply power gently. The scooter will turn very tightly, but will still move with complete stability as long as the speed is not too high.


Before reversing ensure that the area behind is free from any hazards or obstructions. Adjust your speed setting to a low setting before you reverse. Pull/press the left thumb/finger lever, and steer wide of all corners and obstacles.


Before dismounting ensure that the key is turned to the off position.

CAUTION: Please ensure that care is exercised when entering or leaving the scooter and that the tiller and foot rest is not used for support.



The stability of your scooter is governed by several factors such as the seating position, the angle of the slope and your height and weight. When approaching an incline, do so directly and not at an angle and whenever possible avoid making turns. When going down a ramp or slope keep the speed settings to slow. This will ensure there is a safe controlled descent. When the finger levers are released the scooter will slowly stop.

Caution - Do not turn off the control key while the unit is in motion

Grass and Gravel

Please follow the guidelines given previously and your scooter will perform admirably over many surfaces. Avoid long grass, loose gravel and sand.

It is not intended to be used by individuals with physical limitations that could prevent the user from operating this unit safely. Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd disclaims all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage, which may occur as a result of improper or unsafe use of its products.

Mechanical or electrical defects will be dealt with on a contingency liability basis.

The preceding guidelines are intended to assist you in the safe operation of your powered scooter. If you should have any questions about the correct operation of your scooter, please contact your authorized . Kuala Lumpur Electric Vehicles Sdn Bhd provider.

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