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Product Assurance

Safety Instructions

Please use your Wheelchair to enhance your active lifestyle. With increased mobility, please observe a few rules to ensure safe operation of your Wheelchair. So please…
  1. Do not drive the Wheelchair without reading this manual.
  2. Do not exceed the safe climbing maximum angle (Table 2).
  3. Do not use the joystick in an erratic manner when going up or down an incline.
  4. Do not carry passengers or exceed the maximum weight limit (Table 2).
  5. Do not turn off the joystick controller by switching the On/Off Button when moving at any speed. This will bring the electromagnetic brakes on immediately and could cause damage to the joystick controller.
  6. Do not drive over deep and soft terrain (soft dirt, loose gravel, deep grass).
  7. Do not attempt to mount a curb height above 2 inches.
  8. Do not mount or dismount the Wheelchair unless the electromagnetic brakes are engaged and the joystick controller is off.
  9. Do not operate the Wheelchair if the unit is in freewheel mode.
  10. Do not use on the road, except when crossing between sidewalks.
  11. Do not sit on the Wheelchair when in a vehicle, but transfer to a vehicle seat.
  12. Do not exceed any grade over 6 degrees (10%).
  13. Always stop fully before changing forward or reverse direction.
  14. Always engage a slow speed when going down gradients (move the joystick slowly towards center position to reduce the speed).
  15. Always approach and climb over curbs at slow speed.
  16. Always approach curbs and gradients at 90 degrees.
  17. Always use the safety belt.
  18. Always keep the feet on the leg rest while driving.
  19. Always make sure the batteries are fully charged before setting out on a journey.
  20. Always charge the Wheelchair in a well ventilated area to prevent any possible risk.
  21. Always check that the drive wheels are engaged. Someone may have left the Wheelchair in freewheel mode.
  22. Always reduce your speed when turning sharply.
  23. Avoid turning sharply on a slope or gradient.
  24. To brake in an emergency simply release the joystick.
  25. Always try to find a "dropped curb" or "curb cutout" whenever possible.
  26. Always keep your Wheelchair properly maintained.
  27. Never try to use your Wheelchair beyond it's limitations as described in this manual.
  28. Always put seat in most upright position whenever driving up an incline.


Important Notes

The Ezzyrider compact Wheelchair is designed to assist in your individual mobility needs. Any usage outside of the guidelines in this manual may result in damage to the chair or injury to the user or third party.
Please do not lift the wheelchair by the armrests.

First Time Use

Prior to using your compact Wheelchair for the first time, you must charge the batteries fully (refer to Battery Charging Procedures). Charging may take up to 12 hours or on the newer battery technology requires significantly less charging time (up to 3 hours). Charging the batteries completely prior to first time use will benefit battery efficiency and life of batteries.

Driving Your Ezzyrider Compact Wheelchair
Ramps, Slopes and Cambers
The compact indoor/outdoor Wheelchair has the ability to negotiate ramps, slopes and cambers of a low to medium gradient. It is of the utmost importance that the following points are observed:

  1. Never attempt to go up or down an incline which has a rough, wet or slippery surface (loose gravel, tree roots, wet grass, polished floor, etc.)
  2. Always approach an incline head on, not at an angle
  3. Always travel at a speed that you are comfortable with and that you feel in complete control
  4. Avoid sudden or erratic action with the joystick
  5. Always have the reclining seat in the most upright position when driving up an incline
  6. When riding along in a straight line you may experience "veering to one side". This is due to the natural camber in the construction of the pavement. To correct this you simply have to steer slightly against it, as you continue to move forward.


  • Congratulations on your purchase of the Ezzyrider compact wheelchair.
  • This Wheelchair is not intended to be used by individuals with physical limitations that could prevent the user from operating the Wheelchair safely.
  • Ezzyrider disclaims all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage, which may occur as a result of improper or unsafe use of its products.
  • Warranty is only valid when genuine Ezzyrider parts are used. All modifications on the Wheelchair, unless approved and authorized by Ezzyrider will automatically invalidate the warranties.
  • Standard warranty does not extend to consumable items and parties other than the original user.
  • The preceding guidance is intended to assist you in the safe operation of this Wheelchair. If you should have any questions about the correct operation of the Wheelchair, please contact your authorized Ezzyrider provider.

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