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Night illumination Read, Night, Wall lamp, small and lightweight - Portable, Day outdoor solar charging, Night immediate use. Does not need to use the AC charger, safety and environmental protection were in the best interest of energy saving with carbon reduction. With styling and interior components or a group of international patent listing. Before using, need to let the unit exposed in the sun between 5-8 hours, may continue to use the 8-10 hour, ( according to sun exposure, use time levels. )

  • It is using the C LifePo4 battery for the energy supply for the lamp
  • It is equipped with a wall hook for it to be a wall lamp
  • The bulb can last for as long as 10,000 hours
  • It comes with 4 different colours i.e. charcoal, blue, yellow and red
  • The design is patented in every aspect
  • The solar battery is also patented
  • The package is vacuum sealed for freshness
  • The solar panels are protected when in use because it is placed beneath the lamp when light is emitted
  • The bulb is protected when folded
  • It is a handy design because it is manageable
  • It is perfect for a gift and also unique as well as being GREEN in nature especially as a corporate gift or even be used as a student lamp to save the household electricity bill or even restaurant/ hotel rooms


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